Storing and cleaning your kit

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Storing and cleaning your kit

The practicalities of managing your supply of feed and kit

Once you are set up, you should get regular deliveries of all the feed and feeding equipment that you may need. Within the UK your dietitian and/or GP will manage this for you. Talk to your care team about how this will happen for you, in the region/country where you live.

Deliveries can be made every few weeks or so (typically monthly). You will need to prepare a bit of storage space and find your own way to get organised. In this film Liz and Rose share the inside of their cupboards so you can get some ideas of what may work for you.

Keeping your syringes and other feeding kit clean is key too. They can last for a few uses, so washing and rinsing them well helps to keep them in good condition. For any terms you are not sure about, please refer to Key definitions for more information.