Troubleshooting tips

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Troubleshooting tips

Managing some possible side-effects and how to unblock your tube

One question everybody wants to ask is – what effect will it have on my digestion and bowels? You may have no or very mild changes; sometimes they can become more noticeable. Everyone is different and over time you yourself may have different reactions to feeding. These changes can include: a feeling of fullness or bloating, nausea, constipation, or loose stools. These can be managed by varying the amount of feed given or the rate it is given at, or by trying a different type of feed. Your dietitian will help you find the best solution.

Sometimes the feeding tube itself can become blocked. Sean our dietitian demonstrates some useful tactics to help unblock a tube at home, but your local care team will also help you too. The best ways to avoid a blockage are: flushing the tube with plenty of water before and after every single use, and being very careful when administering medications via the tube. Please see the medication section for essential safety advice on giving medicines via a feeding tube, and tips on how to avoid blockages when giving medicines.