Using myTube

myTube is an educational website about tube feeding in MND/ALS. It offers an insight into living with a feeding tube, and considering whether to have one fitted. There is also information about the potential alternatives. myTube can help you work out which option is best for you.

The key issues are covered by a range of short films of about 5 mins or less. The accompanying text summarises the key points and gives links to more information. The films are presented in chronological order, but you can choose any playing order you like. There are four key areas:

Plus Our Stories is where you can meet the myTube team and see all their films in one place. Read more below about: FAQs on using the site, further reading and a list of definitions.

myTube has been developed within the NHS in the UK, by Sheffield MND Care Centre and SITraN, with support from the MND Association. The information reflects typical care provision within the UK, but will also be relevant and useful to a worldwide audience too.