Thinking about a tube

“I think the thought of it was a lot more daunting than the reality of it”
- Liz

A feeding tube (also known as a PEG, PIG or RIG – see Key definitions) can be fitted to help deal with changes in eating related to MND/ALS. These changes can include taking a long time to eat, losing weight or choking on your food. These ‘triggers’ are explained in more depth here.

Having a tube fitted is your choice. Saying either yes or no to a tube has implications and doing some research is key to making an informed choice. This section outlines how the myTube team came to their own decisions, providing a useful insight as you work out what suits you best.

Coronavirus/COVID-19: People with MND/ALS are at increased risk. Please see the MND Association guidance here for advice and contact your care team.