Maintaining your tube

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Maintaining your tube

An overview of the routine care of your feeding tube

After having your tube fitted, you will be trained by your local care team in how to care for it. In the first few days / weeks immediately after fitting, as your tube site heals, follow their instructions carefully. As things settle down, you will be taught how to look after your feeding tube on an ongoing basis.

Included in this film are some helpful hints on rotating and advancing the tube that help to maintain a healthy tube site. There are a variety of different types of tubes and brands that are used within the UK. Therefore, always talk to your local care team about how to care for your specific tube. For example, low-profile tubes have different maintenance needs, and you will be trained in this.

Many people – after some training – cope very well with doing this maintenance themselves at home. However some people may prefer to have some help with it. Please discuss your needs with your own local care team.