The Basics

Welcome to myTube - an online resource of short videos and information about tube feeding for people living with MND/ALS

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Coronavirus/COVID-19: People with MND/ALS are at increased risk. Please see the MND Association guidance here for advice and contact your care team.

Motor neurone disease (MND; also known as ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) can affect your ability to eat. This can result in weight loss, chest infections and increased time taken to finish meals. You may have been told that you might need a feeding tube placed, which delivers liquid feed directly into your stomach.

Naturally you’ll have many questions about having a feeding tube, and possibly some worries as well. The myTube website has been made in collaboration with people living with MND/ALS. They helped to turn research and clinical guidance into an educational resource relevant to everyday life. Hearing their experiences can help you to make your own choice about whether to have a feeding tube fitted. myTube also offers an insight into living with a tube.

Find out about how to use this website, see some key definitions and find some useful external links on the Using myTube section. Start browsing the four sections below to learn more about the key stages from making up your mind to living with a tube day-to-day.