Why Jason chose to say ‘yes’

"We decided quite quickly - I'd lost a lot of weight already, so Liz read the research" - Jason

For Jason and Liz, the choice did not take long after a tube was suggested to them. Mealtimes were becoming very stressful, and Jason was losing weight very rapidly. Jason has increasingly struggled with using his arms, and his meal was often cold before he could finish it. He could still eat safely and still enjoyed his food – but some help was needed.

Initially, Jason did not like the sound of the tube, but Liz is a dab hand at seeking out high quality information online, and is a member of several support groups. She read the ProGas study findings (see External resources), and they discussed the recommendations from this that it is safer to get a tube fitted sooner rather than later. For this young family, this choice worked out well, and Jason has regained most of the weight, and still enjoys eating smaller meals at his own pace.