Why Terry initially resisted

“A tube is not a disadvantage at all - it gives me the choice of eating my meal or having a fortisip” - Terry

Terry said ‘no’ to have a feeding tube for nearly 18 months. He thought it would be very noticeable under his clothes and difficult to use. He never got the chance to meet someone with one or see what it was actually like. As time went on, he was struggling more and more at mealtimes and his wife Rose was becoming very concerned about this. After several months of increasing difficulties, Terry decided to have a tube fitted.

Having had the feeding tube in place now for several months, he and Rose are very happy with using it and feel it has taken the anxiety out of eating. Having not been able to meet someone with a feeding tube, Terry was keen to take part in making myTube, so he could share his experiences to help others make up their own minds.