It’s your choice

"Everybody has a choice and people need to do their research before deciding" - Liz

Deciding whether to have a feeding tube or not can feel quite daunting. Finding out more about what is involved is very useful, as you discuss the options with your family and care team. One myth is that when you have a tube fitted that you must stop eating orally. However, often people who have a tube fitted early can still eat and they just use their tube to top up their nutritional intake.

In this film you will hear more about the key triggers that can affect eating in MND. You will start to find out a bit about how the myTube team made their own choices – their full stories come later in this section. We also recommend a little additional reading to help you build the bigger picture. The MND Association and other groups have produced some great leaflets which you can find on the External resources page (within the Using myTube section).