Rose’s experiences of caring

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Terry & Rose

Rose’s experiences of caring

“It takes away the anxiety of someone not eating because they’re too tired or can’t swallow"
- Rose, Terry's wife

Rose cares for her husband, Terry, and looks after his feeding tube for him. Terry can still take food and drink orally. The tube enables him to ‘top up’ his intake, to ensure he is meeting his nutritional needs. Being able to ‘top up’ like this takes some of the stress out of mealtimes, which can take a long time. Having the tube really helped to relieve the anxiety they were feeling about not eating enough.

Rose tells us about how Terry’s tongue muscles have been affected and how they keep learning about what types of food he can and can’t eat. Rose has worked out what textures and consistencies suit Terry best. Also, giving Terry a little of what he loves to eat (even if not very healthy!) helps to keep up his calorie intake.